Sunday, October 22, 2017

The Wisdom of Folklore, Embracing Transition with Gratitude...

Pondering over coffee this morning, watching the mist hover over the harbor, the stirrings of the community after our biggest 'shin-dig', Tilghman Island Day, where it is possible that folks had a bit too much fine fare and drink..but never too much laughter and good times!

October....on the verge of Novermber, Autumn, it seems to have happened so quickly this year but then again, maybe not....It starts really with the departure of  'our Osprey' of the first signs that the summer season is coming to a close. And then comes the bounty of the next season.

Early each Autumn the Osprey depart for South America....

The air begins to crisp up in the mornings, the leaves slowly change , the Chesapeake Bay cools down and beneath the surface of this immense body of water that we get to call home....there are hundreds of changes taking place...including the movement of the bluecrabs to deeper water.  

"When the Monarchs head south, the bluecrabs move to deeper water." (j.fleming)

OysterFest Saturday October 28th, 10AM-4PM

The Oyster Season begins, the days still feel surpringly warm and hint at the past summer but eventurally the local Watermen change thier gear to thermals and Grundens.  The mornings are darker, the sunset comes sooner and then there are  white wisps from the woodstove chimneys and Oyster Chowder on every  menu.  Outdoor dining fire pits , mulled wine and cider, scarves and mittens on the monthly local gallery walks.

Know Good Farm- Local growers of land and sea bounty!

Sometimes life throws change at us like a fast pitch.  We don't have the luxury of gradual adaptation , there is no time to gracefully transition.  For those of us lucky enough to live on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Mother Nature affords us with that luxury at the change of each season....and it's good to be reminded of that. 

We invite you to come on over....take in the sights, meander the crisp paths of local conservation spots, indulge in the bounty of the Chesapeake Harvest, meet the growers and the catchers....throw a little 'slow' into your seasonal shift!  

Reserve your get-away at The Lazyjack Inn today!

Friday, October 6, 2017

The Comfort Zone of 'rote' and the beauty outside of the box...

While there is certainly much to be said about the discipline and efficiency of routine there is a 'flip side' to that organizational coin.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Dog Days of Summer...gettin' a bad rep!

Summer time on Marylands Eastern Shore....every year as we roll towards the middle of July ...and into August we all respond in seeming shock to the heat ...The infamous HUMIDITY...the arrival of the 'nettles (aka jellies, jellyfish).

It's all the talk around town, on the street, at the market...As if we have never experienced this if it's a new phenomenon. 

We say, BRING IT ON!!!  

 Bring on the most incredible golden pink sunrises!  Bring on that cool brackish water spray up on the bow of the boat, or from your jet ski! 

Bring on the frozen glory of  that ice cream cone at a shady table on the street!  Bring on those spicy steamed crabs and that COLD COLD  beer!  

Bring on those breathtaking hot pink sunsets night after glorious night...the most beautiful of the year!  

Really, these are the days that we wait for all year long, summer on the Eastern Shore...

So Come on Over and celebrate them with us..

The Dog Days of Summer!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

It's all about the people

 It's all about the people....have no doubts about this.

Starting the Lazyjack Inn 26 years ago was a 'second go-round' from a career standpoint. Truth be told, it just was one of those things that manifested...Mike 'retired' from the Architectural and Home building industry, we did the dance of huge life transition . We shifted to the Eastern Shore, a place that we had great love for after years of sailing the Chesapeake.  We were just going to sail for a year...or more and then a good friend said  "open a B&B, you're perfect for it"

Thus began our time on Tilghman Island, a place like many other small villages, that is really all about the people.  As we 'grew' the Lazyjack Inn (literally, starting with two guest rooms) we quickly realized that our connection to the guests, the opportunity to get these short 2 or 3 days glimpses into the lives of others was  the key to it all....a gift.

Over the years there have been some guests that have become the dearest of friends, some guests who have shared incredible personal stories, passed on powerful words of wisdom (usually without realizing it), and yes, some guests that we didn't quite hit it off with (we are all humans after all!) but even those times offer a lesson and growth!

One of the very best times operating the B&B is that time after the breakfast is served, when we are in the kitchen getting things back in order's the sound of the guests, in dialog, laughing , sharing their stories, finding common interests, or not....that time when we are just observers of what might be a fleeting human connection.  
What happens when the guests leave us?  Have they exchanged numbers? Will they reconnect? Become friends?  Will they talk about each other in the car on the way home...but never see each other again?

So I suppose that this Blog entry is really a little selfish, a conversation with ourselves, a reminder that we are sharing with really is our connection with people that is our purpose here...not just 'here' as in Tilghman Island, but 'HERE' in this world.  
It's too terribly easy to get caught up in the hustle, to run through our daily tasks by rote, to miss those moments with the people around us.

So this Father's Day we say Thank you the hundreds of folks who have stayed here and given us that gift of human connection...


Monday, May 29, 2017

Never a Dull Moment, unless .....

Never a dull moment, unless that's what you're looking for...

Some folks come to the shore for a special event, family wedding , reunion, art festival....Some come to do absolutely nothing, on purpose!

Live at The Avalon Theater...Jennifer Knapp
For those traveling by boat Talbot County is known for some of the best 'stop-overs' on The Chesapeake.   Back in the day, when our kids were small and we loaded up to sail every weekend, Tilghman Island, Knapps Narrows, St Michael's (for a grocery run!) and Oxford were all well known haunts for us.  Some great memories!

St. Michael's Brew Fest 2017      
No matter your intention for your get away....there are endless options of every ilk here in Talbot, festivals, farmers markets, lighthouse's, sailing, kayaks, biking, SUP....and OH the food!!!!!
Plein Aire Concert Series Easton

What you do and what pace you choose to do it are all up to you
Whether wandering the back streets of the historic district, people watching at one of the outdoor waterfront restaurants, poking around in the boutiques, or paddling the creeks and'll be making memories of your own to look back on over the years!  Let us know how we can help you with your plan...and enjoy your time here in Talbot County!


Saturday, May 13, 2017

Some times you just need a rain day

The yard work needs attention, the deck needs staining, your cousin has an outdoor wedding or you planned  a 'get- away' to stroll the streets of St. Michael's .....but mother nature has a different plan in store.


Buck up!  You can either make the most of it ...pull those weeds while it's wet, buy some crazy colored umbrella's for that wedding...or new galoshes for your small town explorations...or 'flip it around', maybe today is the day that you write those letters that you've been putting off, dig into that book that's been on your nightstand for 3 months


 The sun will come out eventually, 
in the meantime it's ok to roll with the rain

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Stopped in Time

Carols Apple Tarts


 Stopping Time....

It's a tricky business this thing called 'time'.
We want more, we struggle to 'manage' what we have, on Monday we wish it was Friday...but then what happens to the days in between?  Balance.
Coming Soon to the garden
Hundreds of research projects have been done to confirm what we have known all along.  
You've got to stop and 'smell the roses'.
Take a walk, visit friends, go to the woods, pack up your rod and creel, learn a language, take an art class, a yoga class....LAUGH, a lot!  
What's the point of sticking around if you spend every moment wishing for the next one. really is yours for the taking!

Happy Easter & Spring,