Saturday, April 15, 2017

Stopped in Time

Carols Apple Tarts


 Stopping Time....

It's a tricky business this thing called 'time'.
We want more, we struggle to 'manage' what we have, on Monday we wish it was Friday...but then what happens to the days in between?  Balance.
Coming Soon to the garden
Hundreds of research projects have been done to confirm what we have known all along.  
You've got to stop and 'smell the roses'.
Take a walk, visit friends, go to the woods, pack up your rod and creel, learn a language, take an art class, a yoga class....LAUGH, a lot!  
What's the point of sticking around if you spend every moment wishing for the next one. really is yours for the taking!

Happy Easter & Spring,

Sunday, April 2, 2017

The Shift to Spring

 Winter Camelia's & Spring Daffodils

Last night was a big one for our local high school students, the Senior Prom.  A fairly significant event for most High School seniors, the beginning of their final weeks of classes, exams and preparation for graduation ceremonies.  For those of us whose High School Days are a long ago memory, there is still significance in these spring 'rites of passage'.  Yet another harbinger of the change of seasons and the promise of what is to come here on the shore as we move towards the summer season.
This past week also marked the official close of The Oyster Harvest for the year.....the local watermen have already been working diligently to get the work boats ready for the spring crabbing season.  Restaurants that took a break for winter repairs (and much needed holiday by their staff!) are preparing to re-open.  
Chatter of upcoming spring and summer events is heavy, St. Michael's Wine Festival, 'Brew Fest' a fairly new event spot lighting our local micro brewery and many from around the region, The start of the Log Canoe racing season, St. Michael's Running Festival....the list goes on.

We will be sure to share details and web site links for the upcoming events for our readers to sure to check in with us for reservations for these events as they tend to go quickly!

Until then we wish each of you an amazing transition into spring!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Un-twisting into Spring

Mother Nature has had us up and down and all sideways and twisty for the past few months.  Not certain that we could really call it a 'winter' here on the Eastern Shore of was almost winter a few times.

But now.....on this morning it really, finally feels like SPRING!

Glorious sunshine, window open weather!

Boats on Trailers, kayaks and Paddle boards on roof racks....outdoor cafes setting up all of the tables.

Don't misunderstand...we appreciate the little bit of downtime that comes with the off season but THIS is what we wait every year from the time that it all slows down!

It's going to be a fantastic year at the Inn!  Come and join us!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Chesapeake Winter Beauty

We are looking at Daffodils 8" out of the ground and budded up - time has flown and we are looking at an early Spring. The winter pruning  is complete and there is about a days work of chipping and shredding to add to the compost piles. Carol and I are excited about another year of meeting new guests and welcoming returning friends at the Lazyjack.

The TWM's annual Spring event Splendor in the Glass is scheduled for April 13th and is looking to be as exciting as ever. The release of the Growing Up on Tilghman cd sequal is scheduled for early Spring also.

Come and visit when the time is right for you!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Winter is here at the Lazyjack Inn

We are sporting a redecorated library that is really comfortable for our guests. Mike has been creating some very interesting wooden bowls from special wood that was destined for the landfill or the chipper. He will make a few of them available for others at pretty reasonable price for a one of a kind creation.
We have some very special packages and prices for our guests. Would love to see some of you this winter. It is really peaceful here.

Monday, May 31, 2010

The Summer season begins

Memorial Day 2010.....seems like we waited forever for this one to arrive...but it was surely worth the wait! Mother Nature gave us some fabulous summer weather to share with the weekends guests...and as always it was a real privilege to offer people the perfect space to unwind and really enjoy their weekend escape.

I was happy to serve my favorite Mint Pancakes with Rasberry Sauce as it had been a good bit since i had shared that treat with our guests! I am happy to report that all of the plates came back clean!!!

We had a full three day weekend and the chance to meet new is our sincere hope that they have journeyed home safely , well rested and with great memories of their time on Tilghman Island and The Lazyjack Inn.

Monday, May 4, 2009

What's to do on The Eastern Shore

Looking out the window this morning, the wind shoving across the river, rain clouds and wet everywhere , it would be hard to tell that it's May if it weren't for the lush green and the recently returned Osprey happily riding the air currents in search of materials fo this years nests...

Spring is really here of all sorts have been returned to the water, outdoor cafe's and restaurants once again sport street side tables and umbrellas, cyclists and kayak enthusiasts can be seen arriving with vehicles loaded down with gear.

Talbot County and nearby Dorchester County have put together a wide array of fantastic outdoor events for locals and visitors to take part in ...

Here is a small sampling of what awaits you in the month of May:

Tilghman Island comes to life in the spring with the onset of the crabbing season and the beginning of sport fishing.
Visit The Tilghman Island Inn on Sunday, May 10th for a fabulous Mothers Day brunch then head over for a real preview of summer at The Bay Hundred Restaurant where the first luau of summer will take place from 1pm till...

St Michaels as always offers a terrific variety of small shops, art gallerys and museums all located on the main thorough fare through town.
Never miss a chance to visit the St. Michaels Maritime Museum when you come t the eastern shore as the exhibits are updated regularly.

Stop into the Eastern Shore Brewing Company to what the latest creation is ...and enjoy live music every Thursday evening from 6pm-8pm and The St. Michaels Winery just round the corner is also a fun stop...they will be offering special wine prices May 9th for Mothers Day .

Take a trip on the Oxford Bellvue Ferry, take in the beauty of Oxford architecture, and enjoy the best ice cream by far on the entire shore at The Oxford Creamery.

The beauty of historic Easton and it's growing arts community is not to be missed. Spend the sunny hours taking in the gallerys and museums and then turn to 'Coffee CAt' (formerly ' Coffee East') and The Historic Avalon Theater for incredible live music every weekend. Both of these venues ntw being booked by Mangold entertainment and the performers are top notch.

This coming weekend weekend in Cambridge features a Blues and jazz fest free of charge.

We will continue to post new events for the month as they become available....

plenty to do ...or do nothing at's your getaway ..just a short drive ....

Call us for your reservation at The Lazyjack !