Saturday, May 24, 2008

Leaning Green at The Lazyjack Inn...

We are so glad that you have chosen to stay with us here at The Lazyjack Inn and would like to share some of our efforts to remain aware of our impact on the world around us.

Since the time that our first grandchild was born (9 years ago!) we have become steadily more aware of the impact that our daily choices have not only on us but on the world around us...this is an ongoing growth process for us which we find at times a bit daunting but mostly inspiring.

As always, it is our personal exchange with our guests that really make this lifestyle so rewarding. Over the past few years we have had the amazing opportunity to exchange information with so many of our guests who are experiencing similar growth and awareness in their own lives. So many of our guests have shared fantastic ideas and experiences with us.

While some of our efforts seem so simple and 'small' we truly believe that each one of them does make a difference.

Here is a summary of our 'Green Leanings' :

*Regional clean foods- We are proud to call ourselves 'Locavores under construction'! The difference in quality and flavor in these foods is just incredible! We do our very best to purchase as much of our food as possible from regional growers. This includes produce from local farms and farmers markets and locally raised dairy, eggs and meats. We firmly stand behind our belief in small family farms. When ever possible we purchase organically grown foods and pasture raised meats. While we have not arrived at 100% on this we are doing our best to move in that direction.

*Organic Fair Trade Coffee- We are happy to support our local 'barista' 'Rise Up Coffee' by offering our guests a custom made organic fair trade coffee blend at breakfast each morning. This coffee is also available for purchase by the pound.

*All natural cleaning products- We have eliminated the use of all chemical cleaning products for the Inn. With an increase in the level of sensitivity to these harsh products by so many of our guests (ourselves included) and our proximity to 'Our Bay' this seemed an obvious choice for us. We are just so happy with the change. The essential oils in our new custom made cleaning products are just fantastic!

*Water conservation- During your stay with us you will have the option to reuse your bath linens rather than having them changed each morning and evening. Our guests over the past few months have responded to this with great enthusiasm and we are so happy that this simple option is making such a difference in our consumption!

*Recycling- We now recycle all of our non-compost waste. Newspapers, magazines & office waste, cardboard, glass, plastics and metals. As there is no recycling on the Island we take all of our recycling to local drop off in the town of St. Michaels. If you set these items aside in your room we are happy to collect them when we do housekeeping each day.

*Compost-All kitchen waste and materials from the maintenance of our gardens is composted here at the Inn and used in our gardens.

*All natural bath soaps- This is our latest addition to our green leanings and we are so excited about it! Two months ago we had some terrific guests stay with us who own and operate a small handmade soap business. We fell in love with their product and their philosophy. We have just placed our first order with them and will soon be sharing these regionally produced chemical free soaps with our guests. Full bars will also be available for purchase during your stay.

We are happy to get your feedback and suggestions for additional ways that we can expand our offerings.

It is our hope that our efforts to be conscious of our footprint will enhance your stay with us here at The Lazyjack Inn.