Sunday, June 18, 2017

It's all about the people

 It's all about the people....have no doubts about this.

Starting the Lazyjack Inn 26 years ago was a 'second go-round' from a career standpoint. Truth be told, it just was one of those things that manifested...Mike 'retired' from the Architectural and Home building industry, we did the dance of huge life transition . We shifted to the Eastern Shore, a place that we had great love for after years of sailing the Chesapeake.  We were just going to sail for a year...or more and then a good friend said  "open a B&B, you're perfect for it"

Thus began our time on Tilghman Island, a place like many other small villages, that is really all about the people.  As we 'grew' the Lazyjack Inn (literally, starting with two guest rooms) we quickly realized that our connection to the guests, the opportunity to get these short 2 or 3 days glimpses into the lives of others was  the key to it all....a gift.

Over the years there have been some guests that have become the dearest of friends, some guests who have shared incredible personal stories, passed on powerful words of wisdom (usually without realizing it), and yes, some guests that we didn't quite hit it off with (we are all humans after all!) but even those times offer a lesson and growth!

One of the very best times operating the B&B is that time after the breakfast is served, when we are in the kitchen getting things back in order's the sound of the guests, in dialog, laughing , sharing their stories, finding common interests, or not....that time when we are just observers of what might be a fleeting human connection.  
What happens when the guests leave us?  Have they exchanged numbers? Will they reconnect? Become friends?  Will they talk about each other in the car on the way home...but never see each other again?

So I suppose that this Blog entry is really a little selfish, a conversation with ourselves, a reminder that we are sharing with really is our connection with people that is our purpose here...not just 'here' as in Tilghman Island, but 'HERE' in this world.  
It's too terribly easy to get caught up in the hustle, to run through our daily tasks by rote, to miss those moments with the people around us.

So this Father's Day we say Thank you the hundreds of folks who have stayed here and given us that gift of human connection...