Thursday, July 17, 2008

Join us for A week of incredible art at The Plein Air Festival of Easton, summer 2009

Beautiful lazy days of summer and FRESH LOCAL PEACHES!!

What an incredible summer it has been so far!

The small town America feel of Tilghman Island is at it's best just now. The workboats leave the docks before the sunrise...the local watermen in and out of the dock unloading fish brought in from the pound nets, crabbers with bushel baskets full of the Bays treasure and results of thier own intense efforts. The sound of our well known drawbridge being raised for the boats..some work boats, some charter fishing boats and multitudes of pleasure craft on summer holiday.

Beautiful bright sunrises over Dogwood Harbor, warm sunny days and breezes off of the Choptank River, cool evenings sometimes with amazing cloud formations, those quick summer thunderstorms and sunsets like you only see over our Bay.

We are well into the middle of the season now and the fairly regular evening rain storms seem to be keeping our typical summer droughts at a distance.

Farmers market is jumping with fresh produce in abundance, the tomatoes are here as are the summer squash and yes, PEACHES!! There is something really terrific about following the path of our seasonal fruits and veggies...late spring brought us the fantastic combination of fresh rhubarb and strawberries for pies and crisps. The spring asparagus this year was spectacular...and now we are being gifted with the local peaches and blueberries....

This means the unbelievable peach cobblers and our famous over-stuffed french toast...with peaches of course...are now at the breakfast table!

Come and join us....we're closer than you think and we promise that you'll feel miles away!!!!!