Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Where women go to reconnect.....

The Eastern Shore of Maryland, Tilghman Island, The Lazyjack Inn...

We have been so pleased over the past year to host several groups of women who just decided that it was time to take a break from the hectic schedule of their lives and take some time to 'catch up' with each other.

Life just seems to happen around us sometimes flys by and before we know it weeks and months have passed and we haven't taken the time to really sit down and talk and laugh and really listen to our friends.

Watching these women sit our breakfast table and unwind has been a real treat for us...and a reminder to us as well that our time with friends is really a treasure and should be made a higher priority in our lives.

We have been able to act as a 'base camp' for women visiting the area to take in the arts, artist workshops, yoga and meditation retreats...and just plain down time.

We are happy to arrange a special weekend package for you and your 'girlfriends' ...or to just provide the space for you to do nothing at all for the entire stay!

If you would like to reserve space at the Inn for a 'girls getaway' please be sure to ask about our special rates for booking two or more rooms for your visit.

Looking forward to your stay with us,