Monday, May 29, 2017

Never a Dull Moment, unless .....

Never a dull moment, unless that's what you're looking for...

Some folks come to the shore for a special event, family wedding , reunion, art festival....Some come to do absolutely nothing, on purpose!

Live at The Avalon Theater...Jennifer Knapp
For those traveling by boat Talbot County is known for some of the best 'stop-overs' on The Chesapeake.   Back in the day, when our kids were small and we loaded up to sail every weekend, Tilghman Island, Knapps Narrows, St Michael's (for a grocery run!) and Oxford were all well known haunts for us.  Some great memories!

St. Michael's Brew Fest 2017      
No matter your intention for your get away....there are endless options of every ilk here in Talbot, festivals, farmers markets, lighthouse's, sailing, kayaks, biking, SUP....and OH the food!!!!!
Plein Aire Concert Series Easton

What you do and what pace you choose to do it are all up to you
Whether wandering the back streets of the historic district, people watching at one of the outdoor waterfront restaurants, poking around in the boutiques, or paddling the creeks and'll be making memories of your own to look back on over the years!  Let us know how we can help you with your plan...and enjoy your time here in Talbot County!


Saturday, May 13, 2017

Some times you just need a rain day

The yard work needs attention, the deck needs staining, your cousin has an outdoor wedding or you planned  a 'get- away' to stroll the streets of St. Michael's .....but mother nature has a different plan in store.


Buck up!  You can either make the most of it ...pull those weeds while it's wet, buy some crazy colored umbrella's for that wedding...or new galoshes for your small town explorations...or 'flip it around', maybe today is the day that you write those letters that you've been putting off, dig into that book that's been on your nightstand for 3 months


 The sun will come out eventually, 
in the meantime it's ok to roll with the rain