Friday, October 6, 2017

The Comfort Zone of 'rote' and the beauty outside of the box...

While there is certainly much to be said about the discipline and efficiency of routine there is a 'flip side' to that organizational coin. From the time that we wake until the time that we climb back into 'the rack' there is a bushel basket full of things that we do by habit, every day without much thought at all.

Did you know that a very large percentage of the actions that we take by habit do not even require engagement by the brain?  No real thought,  your body knows what to do and your brain is just  in the passengers seat...

We drink the same coffee, cook our eggs the same way, take the same route to work, run the same trail, stream the same shows, shop at the same market, cook the same meals...

                                                                                   The Avalon Theater in Easton

OK, there is some exaggeration here.  Don't get us wrong, we're all in support of committing to a great regimen...and well, shoot, sometimes you just like soft boiled eggs!

We're just inviting you to change it up, stick your toe outside of that box.  
Give your brain and your heart something new to 'gnosh'. 

Throw a dart at the map & visit new places,  read something different, choose a podcast that makes you cringe a bit,   drive through a different part of town, go to a different market...and while you're there buy some different food!    Risk meeting new people!

We've included a few links for some of the fantastic local events.
For more of the new and fun visit  the Talbot County website.

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