Saturday, December 16, 2017

Settle in and Re-Charge

A new year, a time for reflection , a time to catch your breath...The December holiday season is upon us ..a time of celebration for many.Gathering for shared meals, secretly searching for a special gift...the perfect token for each recipient.

The season can bring us the  opportunity to be truly grateful for our friends & family .
It can be a challenging season ....Short days, cold and dark....the warmth of spring seems an awfully long way away.To receive the true gifts of Winter, you need to slow down.....give yourself the gift of regeneration.

Winter is recognizable as a time of relative calm  – a period of  dormancy,  a time when we  quiet ourselves to receive a delicate sort of wisdom that whispers to our heart and soul...

That is, if we’re listening… 

So as you roll through the jubilation of the holiday season and into the dark winter of the new year, remember to give pause, make time to reflect, slow down and rest...enjoy the bliss of dormancy before the dynamic energy of Spring arrives and pushes all of life into a new expression. 

Wishing each of you a genuinely beautiful holiday season, may it be filled with people that you love, opportunities for new friendships and gratitude for the gifts in  your lives.

If a winter retreat fits into your 'winter regeneration' give us a call to find the perfect space here at The Lazyjack Inn.

Warmest Wishes, 

Mike & Carol 

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